We combine creativity and perfection in just the right way. Many years of experience and regular training and development means our team is always up to date with the current trends to give you the perfect result.

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For gentle colouration and care of your hair, we rely on professional products from Davines, Olaplex and GHD, both for treatment in our salon and care at home.



As well as caring for your hair, we also offer cosmetic advice and treatments. Eyebrow plucking, (thread technique also available in our Hairlounge in Stammheim), eyelash colouring, eyelash curling, day and evening make-up.

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Our team will be happy to help you with all the beauty preparations for your wedding: For the ideal preparation, we recommend an appointment 6-8 weeks before your big day for a hair and make up trial. You're very welcome to bring a picture of your dress and accompanying accessories such as veil and hair decoration, if available.

If desired, we recommend a colouration or tint 2-3 weeks before your planned wedding day, as well as an eyebrow correction 2 days before, including colour if required, as well as other specials such as eyelashes or eyelash colouring.

Our happy will be happy to offer you their advice!

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For all hair extensions, we rely on the HAIR TALK system.

Up to now extensions could only be worked into the hair using heat, ultrasound or metal, which often damaged the original hair. HAIR TALK extensions are attached to the hair using a unique adhesive technique, and can be simply removed with a special solvent which is gentle on the hair. Are you interested? We would be delighted to offer our free advice on all our services.



100% arcos Remi hair.

The ultra-flat, 3 cm wide, 7 mm high adhesive strips with high-quality, real Remi hair can be placed into the original hair in less than an hour. The result is an unobtrusive hair extension with flat joints, which blends perfectly into the original hair.

This eliminates any discomfort when lying down, such as that caused by bonding.

After two to three months of wear, the extensions can be released quite simply by specially-trained hairdressers using a special spray, and re-inserted on the hairline.

Hair Talk Plus Extensions

The plus for your hair. 100% arcos Remi hair.

HAIR TALK PLUS Extensions are even less noticeable and elaborately crafted by hand. Each individual hair is inserted by hand into a transparent adhesive strip - and not just stuck onto the adhesive tape.

This creates the look of a natural "growth direction" of the hair. This innovative technique joins the extensions invisibly to the original hair. HAIR TALK PLUS is used particularly in the area of the upper head and the temples, as this is where extensions must be particularly unobtrusive in these areas with thin original hair.

Hair Talk Fun Extensions

Coloured extensions in real hair quality!

HAIR TALK FUN are HAIR TALK EXTENSIONS made using a real hair / artificial fibre blend.

This blend combines the advantages of real hair and artificial fibres:

Dazzling, bright colour effects with long colour stability with all the benefits of real hair.

HAIR TALK FUN EXTENSIONS are available from our stores in 40 cm length.

Fundamentally, all HAIR TALK FUN EXTENSIONS can be re-used several times using this ingenious technique.

Hair Talk Hair Wear

HAIR WEAR is THE innovation when it comes to hair loss:

A hairpiece for the upper head, which is so light, thin and unobtrusive that it is indistinguishable from your own hair thanks to a prior individual matching process. The ultra-flat, seamless processing means the hairpiece cannot be noticed, and there is no irritating "Toupee feeling". The incorporated elements feature unprecedented lightness, giving a new, positive joie de vivre and self-confidence. Different HAIR WEAR hairpieces are used depending on the hair problem in question:

Ladies with very large, light areas on the crown are given "Wonder Fill" (16x12.5 cm).

For smaller thin patches "Smart Part" (15x6.5 cm) is used. This hairpiece for ladies is ideal when used in combination with HAIR TALK extensions. This HAIR WEAR hairpiece for ladies comes in 15 wonderfully natural real hair colours.

Fast, simple, long-lasting attachment. No abrasion of the remaining hair, no weaves or clips, no pain! You'll not feel "Multi Top", as there are no tubes or knots. Ultra-flat!

"Mega Top" for men (25x19.5 cm) in 27 different colours and finishes.


Hair Talk Hair Pflege

Hair extensions need special care which is precisely aligned with the needs of real hair extensions.

A high moisture content is absolutely essential for easy combing and healthy, shining hair. Extensions need nutrition "from the outside", as they are not joined to the roots and do not receive any nutrients from the body.

"That's why it's particularly important to care for hair extensions with the right products, containing nutrients and extra moisture. With HAIR TALK care, extensions become really soft and silky - the perfect result."

All HAIR TALK products are available at more than 2,000 HAIR TALK hair salons across Germany.

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